Special Sessions (finalized)


Below is the list of finalized special sessions.

  • Some sessions have been merged.
  • Original special session numbers are listed. 
  • Time/date will be announced in the next few days (last updated April 26, 2015).
Special Session Topic Primary organizer Papers
SS01 - Computational Intelligence applied to Vision and Robotics (CIVR) Garcia-Rodriguez, Jose 10
SS03 - Cognition and Development Di Nuovo, Alessandro 5
SS11 - Emerging trends in Computational Intelligence methods for Biomedicine and Healthcare (+ SS34 brain computer interface) Vellido, Alfredo; Ko, Li-Wei 8
SS12 - Concept Drift, Domain Adaptation and Learning in Dynamic Environments Boracchi, Giacomo 14
SS13 - Emerging Methodologies for Big Data Integration Tagliaferri, Roberto 5
SS16 - Computational Intelligence Algorithms for Digital Audio Applications Squartini, Stefano 8
SS17 - Autonomous Learning from Big Data Angelov, Plamen 4
SS23 - Complex and memristive networks Corinto, Fernando 9
SS25 - Computational Intelligence Applications to Environmental Sustainability and Sustainable Development: Theory and Applications Tambouratzis, Tatiana; Grozavu, Nistor 4
SS26 - Optimizing Neural Networks Using Evolutionary Computation and Swarm Intelligence Yeh, Wei-Chang 5
SS27 - Models of Cognitive-Emotional Interactions Levine, Daniel 5
SS28 - Clustering and Co-clustering  (+SS08 Interactive Data Analysis) Lemaire, Vincent; Gisbrecht, Andrej; Lamirel, Jean-Charles 4
SS29 - Modeling and Forecasting Financial and Commodity Markets by Neural Networks (+SS31 space-weather forecasting)  Panella, Massimo; Girijesh, Prasad 5
SS32 - Autonomous Machine Learning for Cyber-Physical Systems Ozawa, Seiichi 5
SS33 - Intelligent Vehicle Systems Murphy, Yi 4
SS36 - Ensemble Systems and Machine Learning Muhamad Amin, Anang Hudaya 5