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Sketch Recognition Lab
Director: Dr. Tracy Anne Hammond

Join the TAMU Sketch Recognition Lab

Are you interested in joining the Sketch Recognition Lab at Texas A&M University?

Personnel Welcome

I receive a lot of emails! I try to respond to them all, but I don't even come close to responding to even 1% of them. That does not mean I am not interested in you joining the lab! On the contrary, I probably didn't even see the email. And after a day or two it will be completely lost in the shuffle. But I would love to meet you! And if you want to get involved in the lab, I would love to help you with that process.
Here is some info as per how to join the lab.

Already a TAMU student?

If you are interested in joining SRL, please come to our weekly lab meetings and introduce yourself. SRL Lab Meetings currently at Dr. Hammond's house, 1211 Winding Road, Friday's at 4pm. (Note these started here while Dr. Hammond was on maternity leave, and seem to be a more effective and collegial space for the meetings currently. Please make sure the meeting is actually on before showing up at Dr. Hammond's house.)

Not Yet a TAMU student?

Applying to the PhD/MS-thesis program

The way that the TAMU CSE application process works is that you need to first apply through the regular departmental process. then the department does a pre-review of the applications to provide a ranking of the applications to help with various university and grading standards, and then they route the best ones across the desks of faculty that they think would be interested in them. THUS, you should put either my name or the Sketch Recognition Lab somewhere in your statement of purpose. Make sure to also list your publications in the area somewhere in your submission, as that will make your application favorable. Interested in applying to TAMU and joining SRL? Please apply through the regular channels and state that you are interested in working with Dr. Tracy Hammond and the Sketch Recognition Lab somewhere in your statement of purpose.

Application Links: