Jaakko Järvi

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Texas A&M University
410B Harvey R. Bright Bldg
College Station, TX 77843-3112, USA
Tel: +1 (979) 845-4359
Fax: +1 (979) 847-8578
Email: jarvi (at) cs.tamu.edu

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My research interests include generic and generative programming, programming languages, type systems, and software construction in general. Here is a list of my publications.


The Boost Tuple Library and the Boost Lambda Library are generic programming libraries I've been involved in developing. Another small but useful C++ tool is the enable_if family of templates, also part of the C++ Boost library collection.

C++ standardization

I'm involved in the C++ ISO standardization process. More concretely, I have worked or continue to work on library support for tuple types, library support for partial function application, core language support for inferring the type of a variable from its initializer expression, a "typeof" mechanism, a constraint system for C++ templates, and templates with a variable length argument list. Which of the above will eventually be part of the C++ standard is not clear, the list is roughly in the order of decreasing likelihood of this happening. See the publications page for technical reports that contain more detailed description of the topics.