CSCE 411 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Fall 2017
Course Information for the sections CSCE 411-200 (honors) and CSCE 411-501 (regular)

Meeting time and place: Instructor: Andreas Klappenecker
Office: HRBB, Room 509B
Office Hours: MT 1:30-2:30pm or by appointment.
e-mail: klappi at

Teaching Assistant: Andrew Nemec
Office: HRBB, Room 509A
Office Hours: MW 11:00am-1:00am, T 2:00pm-4:00pm, HRBB 509A
e-mail: nemeca at

General Information




R Sep 01Introduction, skim [CLRS] Chap 2, read Appendix A
T Sep 05Asymptotic Notations, Lower Bounds; read lectures notes, CLRS 8.1
R Sep 07Lower Bounds; CLRS 9.1
T Sep 12Divide and Conquer
R Sep 14Divide and Conquer, FFT
R Sep 14 Optional Review: Fast Fourier Transform, Part I
R Sep 14 Optional Review: Fast Fourier Transform, Part II
T Sep 19Greedy Algorithms
R Sep 21Greedy Algorithms, Matroids
T Sep 26Dynamic Programming
R Sep 28Dynamic Programming, Quiz on Greedy Algorithms and Matroids
T Oct 03Amortized Analysis
R Oct 05Amortized Analysis, Quiz on Dynamic Programming
T Oct 10Review
R Oct 12Midterm Exam
T Oct 17Graph Algorithms
R Oct 19Graph Algorithms
T Oct 24Graph Algorithms, Quiz on Graph Algorithms, Randomized Algorithms
R Oct 26Randomized Algorithms
T Oct 31Randomized Algorithms
R Nov 02Randomized Algorithms
T Oct 07Computational Complexity, Quiz on Randomized Algorithms
R Nov 09Computational Complexity
T Nov 14Computational Complexity
R Nov 16Computational Complexity
T Nov 21Approximation Algorithms
R Nov 23No class - University closed
T Nov 28Undecidability, Quiz on Computational Complexity
R Nov 30Algorithmic Problems
R Dec 05Review

Lecture Notes and Slides

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