CSCE 443/VIST 487: Game Development

Fall 2013


8/26Introduction to the course
8/28Source Control
Game Elements
9/2User Interface
Win32 Joystick Example Code
Must choose topic for presentation by today!
9/4Progress Presentations
9/9Neil Daleiden:Game Design
Travis Poppenhusen: Games as Educational Tools
9/11Progress Presentations
9/16Cameron Slayter: Lighting in Games
Travis Purcell: Operant Conditioning Chambers
9/18Project 1 Due!
Final Presentations
9/23Ruiz Akpan: Development for Mobile Devices
Saif Castaneda: Texturing
9/25Ben House: Player Immersion in Video Games
Sam Rajabi: Scalable Real-time Volumetric Surface Reconstruction
9/30Matthew Kossa: Network Programming
Richard Haines: Collision Detection
10/2Progress Presentations
10/7Jacob Plant: Narrative in Games
Matthew Bulluck: Cloth Simulation
10/9Andres Medina: Realistic AI Behavior in Games
Kathy Pangtay: Particle Systems
10/14Adam Rehmann: Concept Art in the Production Pipeline
Joshua Aoki: Game Genres - RTS vs Turn-based
10/16Progress Presentations
10/21Roddy Caldwell: Game Design from Assassin's Creed
Matt Ackerman: 14 Elements of Fun
10/23Collin Draughon: Skeletal Animation
Ethan Gallardo: Sound Programming with FMOD
10/28Thomas Roach: Modeling 3D Shapes with Maya
John Chavez: Game Cameras / Perspective
10/30Midterm Progress Presentations
11/4Patrick Casey: Ambient Occlusion
Ashley Lane: Serious Games
11/6Jonathan Sheffield: Searching: A*, Dijkstra's shortest path, ...
John Moody: Alternative User Input
11/11Travis Brown: Water Simulation
Zachary Slayter: Game Genres - RPGs
11/13Progress Presentations
11/18Stephen Eyck: Game Genres - Rogue Games
Martin Jewell: Min/Max Trees and Alpha/Beta Pruning
11/20Jason Pavik: Realistic vs Stylized Graphics
11/25Progress Presentations
12/9Final Project Presentations (10:30am)