BICH/GENE 419 Computational Techniques for Evolutionary Analysis
Fall 17

Instructor: Sing-Hoi Sze
Meeting: TR 2:20-3:35 WCBA 110
Office Hours: TR 10-11 HRBB 328B or by appointment


As the increased availability of genome-scale data allows comparisons across a large number of genomes, it becomes possible to study evolutionary mechanisms in detail, which include conservation, duplication and specialization of genes and proteins. The study of evolution becomes a sub-area within computational biology, which involves the application of computational techniques to solve problems in biology.

In the past, computational biology was considered to be a sub-field within theoretical computer science, since many problems employ techniques in algorithm analysis. More recently, multi-disciplinary collaborations become the norm, which include participations of mathematicians, statisticians, biologists and biochemists.

The course will investigate the types of questions that can be addressed through the application of computational techniques, and algorithms for construction and analysis of evolutionary relationships. No programming experience is needed. The course will focus on understanding the main ideas behind these approaches.