Assistant Professor
Computer Science & Engineering
Texas A&M University
Email: hu at cse dot tamu dot edu


I am an Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University starting from Fall 2015, and am also a member of the Center for Remote Health Technologies and Systems and the Center for the Study of Digital Libraries. I am currently directing the DATA (Data Analytics at Texas A&M) Lab.

At the DATA Lab, we strive to develop data mining and machine learning algorithms with theoretical properties to better discover actionable patterns from large-scale, networked, dynamic and sparse data. Our research is directly motivated by, and contributes to, applications in social informatics, health informatics and information security. Our work has been featured in Various News Media, such as ACM TechNews, New Scientist, Defense One, Economic Times. Here is my Google Scholar.

[Open Positions] We are recruiting postdoctoral researchers, PhD students, and visiting scholars/students. Here you can find the job description. Please feel free to drop me an email with your CV.


[04/2017]: Call for paper: 6th Workshop on Data Mining for Medicine and Healthcare, in conjunction with 17th SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM 2017), April 29, 2017, Houston, TX
[04/2017]: Grateful to receive a grant from DARPA, as the PI, to support our research on developing automatic composition of machine learning models!
[03/2017]: Grateful to receive an AggiE-Challenge grant from the College of Engineering at Texas A&M, as one of the PIs, to support undergraduate students research on smart and resilient urban infrastructure systems!
[02/2017]: Three papers (one regular and two poster papers), on adaptive spammer detection, camouflaged content polluters, and trending topic identification, respectively, are accepted by ICWSM 2017
[02/2017]: Grateful to receive an NSF CRII grant (IIS-1657196), as the sole PI, to support our research on analyzing large-scale and complex attributed networks!
[02/2017]: Grateful to receive a grant from KC Sence Limited, as the sole PI, to support our research on deep learning!
[01/2017]: I will serve as the Social Networking Chair for the 21st ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD 2017)
[12/2016]: Two papers, one on network embedding and the other on early rumor detection, are accepted by SDM 2017
[12/2016]: One paper on neural collaborative filtering is accepted by WWW 2017
[09/2016]: One paper on label informed attributed network embedding is accepted by WSDM 2017
[09/2016]: One paper on time-evolving feature selection is accepted by ICDM 2016
[08/2016]: Grateful to receive a grant from DARPA, as the co-PI, to support our research on developing machine learning algorithms to advance next generation social science!
[08/2016]: Grateful to receive an invitation, with travel grant from The NSF South BD Hub, to attend a workshop on High Impact Applications of Data Science in Precision Medicine, Health Analytics, and Health Disparities
[08/2016]: One paper collaborating with VA researchers on Understanding and Predicting Rapid Progression of Carotid Atherosclerosis is accepted by EURASIP Journal on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
[06/2016]: Thanks Nvidia for the donation of GPU cards!
[07/2016]: One paper on "Data Summarization with Social Contexts" is accepted by CIKM 2016
[07/2016]: Honored to receive the Best Paper Award from IJCAI-BOOM workshop! The paper is on "On the Organization and Retrieval of Health QA Records for Community-based Health Services"
[05/2016]: One paper on learning geographical hierarchy features is accepted by IEEE Transaction on Multimedia
[05/2016]: Grateful to receive an invitation, with travel grant, to attend Adobe's Data Science Symposium
[05/2016]: Honored to receive the PEPI award, in collaboration with UnitedHealthcare, from The NSF South BD Hub
[02/2016]: One full paper on user age prediction, and two short papers on understanding rhetorical questions and exploring personal attributes from social media are accepted by ICWSM 2016
[02/2016]: Grateful to receive an invitation with travel grant to attend the Transatlantic Data Science Workshop hosted by Stanford University, NIH and RCUK with support from NSF

Selected Honors and Awards

  • PEPI Award, NSF South BD Hub, 2016
  • Best Paper Award, IJCAI BOOM Workshop, 2016
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, Arizona State University, 2015
  • Atluri Award, Phoenix Section Student Scholarship, IEEE Foundation, 2015
  • Faculty Emeriti Fellowship, Arizona State University, 2014
  • President's Award for Innovation, Arizona State University, 2014
  • Best Paper Shortlist, WSDM 2013


I received my PhD from Arizona State University under the supervision of Dr. Huan Liu. I received my Master and Bachelor degrees from Beihang University. Before my current position, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Arizona State University and Phoenix Veteran Affairs Health Care System, a research intern at Microsoft Research, and a visiting student at National University of Singapore with Dr. Tat-Seng Chua.