[06/2017]: One paper on learning wellness representation of social media users is accepted by IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
[05/2017]: One paper on An Interpretable Classification Framework for Information Extraction from Online Healthcare Forums is accepted by the Journal of Healthcare Engineering
[05/2017]: One paper on Multi-Aspect Streaming Tensor Completion is accepted by KDD 2017
[04/2017]: Two papers on residual analysis for anomaly detection, and accelerated local anomaly detection are accepted by IJCAI 2017
[04/2017]: One paper on facilitating time critical information seeking in social media is accepted by IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
[04/2017]: One paper on learning user topical profiles is accepted by SIGIR 2017
[02/2017]: Three papers (one regular and two poster papers), on adaptive spammer detection, camouflaged content polluters, and trending topic identification, respectively, are accepted by ICWSM 2017
[12/2016]: Two papers, one on network embedding and the other on early rumor detection, are accepted by SDM 2017
[12/2016]: One paper on neural collaborative filtering is accepted by WWW 2017
[09/2016]: One paper on label informed attributed network embedding is accepted by WSDM 2017
[09/2016]: One paper on time-evolving feature selection is accepted by ICDM 2016
[08/2016]: One paper collaborating with VA researchers on Understanding and Predicting Rapid Progression of Carotid Atherosclerosis is accepted by EURASIP Journal on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
[08/2016]: Grateful to receive an invitation, with travel grant from The NSF South BD Hub, to attend a workshop on High Impact Applications of Data Science in Precision Medicine, Health Analytics, and Health Disparities
[07/2016]: One paper on "Data Summarization with Social Contexts" is accepted by CIKM 2016
[05/2016]: Grateful to receive an invitation, with travel grant, to attend Adobe's Data Science Symposium
[05/2016]: One paper on learning geographical hierarchy features is accepted by IEEE Transaction on Multimedia
[02/2016]: Grateful to receive an invitation with travel grant to attend the Transatlantic Data Science Workshop hosted by Stanford University, NIH and RCUK with support from NSF
[02/2016]: One full paper on user age prediction, and two short papers on understanding rhetorical questions and exploring personal attributes from social media are accepted by ICWSM 2016
[12/2015]: One paper on "Robust Unsupervised Feature Selection on Networked Data" is accepted by SDM 2016
[11/2015]: One paper on "An Overview of Sentiment Analysis in Social Media and Its Applications in Disaster Relief" is accepted by the edited volume on Sentiment Analysis and Ontology Engineering: An Environment of Computational Intelligence
[11/2015]: Three papers on "From Tweets to Wellness: Wellness Event Detection from Twitter Streams", "Predicting Online Protest Participation of Social Media Users", and "Recommendation with Social Dimensions" are accepted by AAAI 2016
[10/2015]: One paper on "CPB: A Classification based Approach for Burst Time Prediction in Cascades" is accepted by Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS) Journal
[10/2015]: Two papers on "Understanding and Identifying Advocates of Political Campaigns on Social Media" and "Relational Learning with Social Status Analysis" are accepted by WSDM 2016
[08/2015]: One demo paper on "Social Answer: A System for Finding Appropriate Sites for Questions in Social Media" is accepted by ICDM 2015
[08/2015]: One paper on "Finding Time-Critical Responses for Information Seeking in Social Media" is accepted by ICDM 2015
[06/2015]: One paper on "Unsupervised Streaming Feature Selection in Social Media" is accepted by CIKM 2015
[06/2015]: One paper on "Embracing Information Explosion without Choking: Clustering and Labeling in Microblogging" is accepted by IEEE Transactions on Big Data
[06/2015]: One paper on "Finding the Right Social Media Site for Questions" is accepted by ASONAM 2015
My first paper with Texas A&M :)