Accepted Papers

Gregory Gutin, Eun Jung Kim, Stefan Szeider and Anders Yeo. Probabilistic Approach to Problems Parameterized Above Tight Lower Bound. [ PDF ]
Lukasz Kowalik, Tomasz Walen, Marjaz Krnc and Rok Erman. Improved induced matchings in sparse graphs. (Revised) [ PDF ]
Shai Gutner. Polynomial Kernels and Faster Algorithms for the Dominating Set Problem on Graphs with an Excluded Minor. [ PDF ]
Petr Golovach and Dimitrios Thilikos. Paths of Bounded Length and Their Cuts: Parameterized Complexity and Algorithms. (Revised) [ PDF ]
Peter Damaschke. Bounded-Degree Techniques Accelerate Some Parameterized Graph Algorithms. [ PDF ]
Peter Damaschke. Pareto Complexity of Two-Parameter FPT Problems: A Case Study for Partial Vertex Cover. [ PDF ]
Karol Suchan and Yngve Villanger. Computing pathwidth faster than 2^n. (Revised) [ PDF ]
Stefan Kratsch and Magnus Wahlström. Two Edge Modification Problems Without Polynomial Kernels. (Revised) [ PDF ]
Robert Ganian, Petr Hlineny, Joachim Kneis, Alexander Langer, Jan Obdržálek and Peter Rossmanith. On Digraph Width Measures in Parameterized Algorithmics. (Revised) [ PDF ]
Somnath Sikdar, Daniel Lokshtanov, Venkatesh Raman and Saket Saurabh. On the Directed Degree-Preserving Spanning Tree Problem. [ PDF ]
Mikko Koivisto. Partitioning into Sets of Bounded Cardinality. (Revised) [ PDF ]
Jan Arne Telle, Binh-Minh Bui-Xuan and Martin Vatshelle. Boolean-width of graphs. (Revised) [ PDF ]
Gregory Gutin, Daniel Karapetyan and Igor Razgon. Fixed-Parameter Algorithms in Analysis of Heuristics for Extracting Networks in Linear Programs. (Revised) [ PDF ]
Michael Fellows, Danny Hermelin and Frances A. Rosamond. Well-Quasi- Ordering Bounded Treewidth Graphs. [ PDF ]
Daniel Lokshtanov and Saket Saurabh. Even Faster Algorithm for Set Splitting! [ PDF ]
Rosa Enciso, Michael R. Fellows, Jiong Guo, Iyad Kanj, Frances Rosamond and Ondřej Suchý. What Makes Equitable Connected Partition Easy. [ PDF ]
Daniel Raible, Henning Fernau, Joachim Kneis, Dieter Kratsch, Alexander Langer, Peter Rossmanith and Mathieu Liedloff. An exact algorithm for the Maximum Leaf Spanning Tree problem. [ PDF ]
Sebastian Böcker, Falk Hüffner, Anke Truss and Magnus Wahlström. A faster fixed-parameter approach to drawing binary tanglegrams. (Revised) [ PDF ]
Jean Daligault and Stephan Thomasse. On finding directed trees with many leaves. [ PDF ]
Dániel Marx and Ildi Schlotter. Stable Assignment with Couples: Parameterized Complexity and Local Search. (Revised) [ PDF ]
Panos Giannopoulos, Christian Knauer and Gúnter Rote. The parameterized complexity of some geometric problems in unbounded dimension. [ PDF ]
Martin Furer, Serge Gaspers and Shiva Kasiviswanathan. An Exponential Time 2-Approximation Algorithm for Bandwidth. (Revised) [ PDF ]
Hans L. Bodlaender, Daniel Lokshtanov and Eelko Penninkx. Planar Capacitated Dominating Set is W[1]-hard. [ PDF ]
Narges Simjour. Improved Parameterized Algorithms for the Kemeny Aggregation Problem. [ PDF ]
Chris Calabro, Russell Impagliazzo and Ramamohan Paturi. The complexity of satisfiability of small depth circuits. [ PDF ]

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