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Email: murphy at cse.tamu.edu

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Phone: 979.845.8737
Fax: 979.845.1420
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Dr. Robin R. Murphy, Ph.D.

Dr. Robin Murphy
Raytheon Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Faculty Fellow for Innovation in High-Impact Learning Experiences

click here to see NSF Interview 2012

IEEE Fellow, Fast Company's Most Influential Women of 2011, Alpha Geek in Wired (17.07)

Recent Publications and Studies

2012 DSB Study: The Role of Autonomy in DoD Systems, co-chairs R. Murphy, J. Shields

Video lectures for "Intro to AI Robotics" in iTunes University

Tohuku and Fukushima: A Story of Collaboration in Rescue Robotics

Computing for Disasters: A Report from the Community Workshop

Responses and Response Resources

Disaster Robotics (MIT Press 2014), Amazon, Kindle

Reviews for Disaster Robotics: Robots for Roboticists, BCS, Amazon Customer Reviews, I, Science

2013 Search Engines in TIME Rise of the Robots special issue

2009 3D Rubbleviewer, see MIT Technology Review online post and video. Also appears in the July 2009 issue of Popular Mechanics.

2009 L'Aquila, Italy, earthquake damage, See video of La Sapienza quad-rotor.

2009 Cologne, Germany, building collapse

2008 Rollover Pass Bridge collapse inspection (post Hurricane Ike) with USV and UUV (TTI, USF, YSI)

2008 Berkman Plaza II collapse forensic structural inspection with UGV, UAVs (Bracken Engineering, Tohoku University Japan, Drexel University)

2007 Berkman Plaza II collapse with UGVs (Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department, Florida)

2007 Crandall Canyon Utah Coal Mine Disaster with UGV (Mine Safety and Health Administration)

2007 Midas Nevada Gold Mine collapse with UGVs (Newmont Mining Company, Mine Safety and Health Administration, US Navy SPAWAR)

2005 Hurricane Wilma with USV (Marco Island Yacht Club)

2005 post-Hurricane Katrina structural inspection with UAVs (National Science Foundation)

2005 Hurricane Katrina search and rescue with UAVs; first use (Florida State Emergency Response Team, iSENYS, Win-Tec)

2005 La Conchita CA mudslides with UGVs (Ventura County Fire Rescue, LA County Fire Rescue, City of Los Angeles Fire Rescue)

2001 World Trade Center (NY State and City of NY Emergency Agencies)

see the materials at the Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue crasar.org

Calendar of Events

Invited speaker, Telerobotics for Real-Life Applications Workshop, IROS 2014, Sept 18, 2014

Session Keynote, IROS 2014, Sept 16, 2014

Speaker, Beyond Search and Rescue: Unmanned Systems for Rapid Recovery, World Reconstruction Conference 2, Sept 10, 2014

Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue and Emergency Informatics. 2014 National Hurricane Conference, Apr 17, 2014

Disaster Robotics Book Signing, SXSW, Mar 11, 2014

Drones: Policy, Privacy, and Public Safety SouthXSouthwest, Austin, Mar 10, 2014

Lessons Learned Flipping a Class to Get More Hands-on Time , Teaching With Technology Conference, Feb 26, 2014

Emergency Informatics at Texas A&M, University of Central Florida , Feb 21, 2014

Big Thinker Speaker Yahoo! Labs, Sep 10, 2013

White House Innovation Brainstorm for Disaster Response and Recovery, Aug 27, 2013

White House Google+ Hangout "We the Geeks", Aug 9, 2013

Keynote: ICRA'13 Women Luncheon, May 6th, 2013

The Role of Autonomy in Defense Ground Robotics, AUVSI's Unmanned Program Review, February 12, 2013

Perspectives in DoD Autonomy and ISR S&T, Panelist at AIAA January 7-8, 2012

Meeting of New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, Tokyo, Japan, Dec. 11, 2012

Keynote, International Forum for Prevention of Disasters, Hachinohe Institute of Technology, Japan, Dec. 6-7, 2012

"Public Safety Perspectives," RTC Robotics Roadmapping Workshop Dec. 4, 2012

Robot Petting Zoo and Dessert Bar, Grace Hopper Celebration, Oct. 3, 2012

Emergency Informatics and Digital Libraries Webinar, Keynote Speaker
July 24, 2012

FSR2012, Keynote Speaker
July 16-19, 2012

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