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Current Research

Dr. Robin R. Murphy

Research interests are artificial intelligence as applied to emergency informatics, especially tactical land, sea, and air vehicles. Specific topics are: human-robot interaction, heterogeneous teams, victim management, and perceptual directed behavior-based control. See a short video.

Active projects

Marine Mass Casualty Events Through our Roboticists Without Borders program, we are assisting the Hellenic Coast Guard and Red Cross in rescuing and preventing drownings of boat refugees. We are working with unmanned marine and aerial vehicles.

Ebola Response

Survivor Buddy (with Prof. Cliff Nass and Dr. Victoria Groom, Stanford Communication between Humans and Interactive Media (CHIMe) Lab and Dr. Cindy Bethel, Yale). Survivor Buddy 1.0 was WINNER Popular Science best of 2009! See Survivor Buddy 2.0 here. This project combines efforts in victim management with fundamental research in human-robot interaction. With funding from Microsoft External Research have created a multi-media robot "head" for a rescue robot that can serve as the interface between a trapped victim and the rest of the world while waiting to be extracted. The robot allows two way videoconferencing, web surfing, and general entertainment options to stay relaxed. Under funding from NSF, we are exploring how to make sure that the robot is not creepy or socially inconsistent (no robot versions of a frustrating automated call center!)

A Midsummer's Night Dream (with Dylan Shell, Distributed AI Robotics Laboratory TAMU) FEATURED IN WIRED This project was a collaboration with the Theater Department at Texas A&M. We applied our work in affect and human-robot interaction to small UAV's to create robot faries.

Air Joey. In this project, a AirRobot quad robot will autonomously launch, coordinate with, and dock with a ground robot. This project addresses fundamental research in heterogenous teams and behavior-based control. Funded by Lockheed-Martin.

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