Guofei Gu

Presidential Impact Fellow
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Texas A&M University

Office: HRBB 417A
Phone: (979) 845-2475
Email: guofei [AT]
I am a professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at Texas A&M University. Before joining Texas A&M, I received my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the College of Computing, Georgia Tech, in 2008. I am a recipient of 2010 NSF CAREER Award, 2013 AFOSR Young Investigator Award, Best Student Paper Award from 2010 IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy (Oakland'10), Best Paper Award from 2015 International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS'15), Texas A&M Dean of Engineering Excellence Award, Presidential Impact Fellow, Charles H. Barclay Jr. '45 Faculty Fellow, TEES Faculty Fellow, TEES Research Impact Award, and Google Faculty Research Award. I am an IEEE Fellow and an ACM Distinguished Member. I'm currently directing the SUCCESS (Secure Communication and Computer Systems) Lab at TAMU. A short bio is available here.


  • Are you coming for the list of computer security conference ranking and statistic?
  • I recently co-chaired the 2018 NSF Workshop on Programmable System Security in a Software Defined World. Check out the detail here! A final report is now released (free download from here or here).
  • [Jan. 2020] Our paper on blockchain security (SODA) is accepted to NDSS'20. Congratulations, Ting & Xiapu!
  • [Jan. 2020] Our paper on programmable data plane security (Poseidon) is accepted to NDSS'20. Congratulations, Menghao!
  • [Dec. 2019] I'm honored to be named an IEEE Fellow (class of 2020), "for contributions to malware detection and security of next generation networks".
  • [Nov. 2019] Our paper on new Buffered Packets Hijacking attack in SDN is accepted to NDSS'20. Congratulations, Jiahao & Qi!
  • [Oct. 2019] I'm honored to be named an ACM Distinguished Member for outstanding scientific contributions to computing.
  • [Oct. 2019] I'm honored to be named a 2019 Presidential Impact Fellow at Texas A&M University.
  • [Aug. 2019] Our paper on new D2C2 attacks to SDN is accepted to IEEE S&P'20. Congratulations, Feng & Jianwei!
  • [July 2019] Our paper on programmable data plane security (NetHCF) is accepted to ICNP'19. Congratulations, Guanyu & Menghao!
  • [May 2019] Lei and Guangliang have successfully defended their PhD thesis! Congratulations, Drs. Xu and Yang!
  • [May 2019] Our paper on mobile security (DCV) is accepted to USENIX Security'19. Congratulations, Guangliang!
  • [Jan. 2019] Our paper on SDN security (CrossPath Attack) is accepted to USENIX Security'19. Congratulations, Jiahao & Qi!
  • [Nov. 2018] Our IoT security paper LipFuzzer is accepted to NDSS'19. Congratulations, Yangyong! (Project website with code release)
  • [July 2018] Two papers on SPS (Software-defined Programmable Security, such as SDN/NFV) are accepted to CCS'18. ForenGuard presents the first forensics and diagnosis tool for SDN (will be released open source soon). vNIDS presents a new architecture to enable safe and efficient virtualization of network IDS. Congratulations, Haopei and Hongda!
  • [May 2018] Our two papers (Error-Sensor and new control plane reflection attacks in SDN) are accepted to RAID'18. Congratulations, Jialong and Menghao!
  • [May 2018] I am honored to receive 2017-2018 Dean of Engineering Excellence Award and Research Impact Award from the college of engineering.
  • [May 2018] Haopei has successfully defended his PhD thesis titled "Towards Robust, Accountable and Multitenancy-friendly Control Plane in Software-Defined Networks". Congratulations, Haopei!
  • [April 2018] Our paper CloudRand is invited to ICCCN'18. It aims to build heterogeneous and moving-target network interfaces.
  • [Mar. 2018] Our paper TopoGuard+ (collaboration with MIT Lincoln Lab) is accepted to DSN'18. Congratulations, Richard and Lei!
  • [Jan. 2018] Our two papers on mobile web app security are accepted to IEEE S&P'18. Congratulations, Guangliang and Abner!
  • [Jan. 2017] Our RADAR paper is accepted to TIFS. RADAR is a new realtime defense system that can defend against a wide range of DDoS attacks including stealthy Crossfire, with COTS SDN switches.
  • [Dec. 2017] Our paper on security impact of desktop/mobile HTTP header inconsistencies is accepted to WWW'18. Congratulations, Abner/Patrick!
  • [Oct. 2017] Our paper on Android security (EOEDroid) is accepted to NDSS'18. Congratulations, Guangliang!
  • [Aug. 2017] Our S2OS position paper will appear in APSys'17. S2OS is a new large multi-institute project funded by NSF/VMware, in which we aim to build a new Security OS with Software Defined Intrastructure. Please check S2OS project website for more details.
  • [Aug. 2017] Our systemization of knowledge paper on SDN attack surface and defense is accepted to IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (ToN). Congratulations, Changhoon!
  • [Feb. 2017] Our FRESCO is upgraded to the Floodlight plaform. The FRESCO source code and module/app store are now released! Please check our project website here for details.
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